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TeenChef Pro S4E10: Taste Utah

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TeenChef Pro S4E11: Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

TeenChef ProDec 29 '18

Guest Judge Roe'e Levy partner and chef of Vessel Kitchen educates theremaining TeenChef contestants on the importance and serious nature of allergens. He helps the teens understand how important it is to know if a guest has allergies and dietary restrictions. It can be a life and death situation for many guests who trust chefs to accommodate for them while dining atrestaurants.

Join host Michael McHenry of owner of OAKWood Fire Kitchen along with MentorChefs Justin Shifflett ofStoneground Kitchen, Jodie Rogers of Deer Valley Resorts including TheBrass Tag and Tyler Stokes of Provisions SLC and the soon to open GingerStreet as they take you on the culinary education of a lifetime.