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Friendzone: Let’s Be Friends, Sucks!

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LITTLE MISS S#&TSTORM: UK Mom Dresses 4-Year-Old Daughter as Hooters Girl for Kiddy Pageant. On Your Mark, Get Set, Sexploitation!

WTFarkJul 30 '14

Children’s Beauty Pageants are known for their graceful approach to age-appropriate presentations of young, beautiful girls - not unlike your average black market cargo business in southeast Asia. However, it seems that 33-year-old Leann was unable to sell her four-year-old Scarlett to a backstreet massage parlor, because she instead opted to put her in beauty pageants and dress her up like broke college co-ed without the guts to be a full-blown stripper. In light of the controversy, Leann points out that girls wear swimsuits at the beach all summer, and no one says a thing. That’s probably the same argument that Hooters’ waitresses use when they explain their costumes to their fathers. Additional music by Kevin McLeod.