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Sexiest News Bloopers Ever!

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MISS CONGENITALIA: Yes, The Vagina Beauty Contest Is A Real Thing That Is Happening

WTFarkJun 26 '15

Well guys, all good things must come to an end, which is why we are a little sad to announce that after 18 glorious months of existence, this is the FINAL episode of WTFark... ...BUT, do not be too sad, because as the lead singer of Semisonic once said, "every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end." Please join us for more weird news on our new show, So That Happened - the newest web series on Ora TV! The premiere episode drops next Thursday, July 2nd at 2pm EST, right here, at But in the meantime, we just want to take one final opportunity to thank everyone who helped make WTFark the success it was. Thank you to Drew Curtis and the people at Thank you to Buck Wolf and the folks at The Huffington Post Weird News page. And most importantly, thank you, our viewers and fans. So, without further adieu, please enjoy one final WTFark swan song - a video about a sex toy manufacturer holding with world's first Vaginal Beauty Contest. With much weird love, Mike Rylander Host, Writer, Producer of WTFark