A Plug's Life

What goes up, must come down

Last week, we brought you the story of a giant, inflatable tree butt plug that was erected in Paris.


As reported, the people of France hated the giant piece of art butt plug. In fact, they hated it so much, that this past weekend, they cut the cables holding it down while the security guard wasn't looking.


And then, they punched the artist behind the respected tree art hated butt plug, Paul McCarthy, (not Paul McCartney), in the face.


"Hello. I have a punchable face."

It was only after much hardly any discussion, the organizers of the FIAC International Art Festival, in which the butt plug art tree was to be featured, decided to deflate the controversial statue sex toy.


"How do I plug giant butts now?"

After initially vowing to re-inflate his masterpiece masturbation piece, McCarthy had a change of heart, saying, "Instead of a profound reflection about objects as a mode of expressionwith multiple meanings, we have witnessed violent reactions." He then pulled the plug on the project.


"I will avenge the death of my only true love. You've been warned, France."

And thus ends The Saga of McCarthy's Parisian Butt Plug Tree. Some no one will remember it as the weekend art died, and some everyone won't. But regardless, Paul McCarthy was shamed and humiliated by the French; he wasn't the first, and we doubt he'll be the last.


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