WTFark We Couldn't Cover This Week...

05/19/14 - 05/23/14

Hey guys, believe it or not, we live in a super farked up society where a ridiculous amount of super farked up stuff happens ever day. Don't believe me? Try checking out Or even more hilarious and depressing,

Luckily, we've decided to give you a personally curated selection of fark that was *this close* to becoming a WTFark video this week. Why didn't we choose these stories? Sometimes, they're too depressing. Other times, they're not depressing enough. Ultimately, they're good/funny stories, they just weren't quite farky enough.

Alright, enough of my jibber-jabber, let's get to the fark!

Mike Rylander
Host, Writer, Producer of WTFark


School Tests Designed To Turn Kids Gay WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

Why We Almost Chose It:

Exhibit A) Florida.
Exhibit B) Homophobic Old White Republican Politician With Little To No Logic To Back Up Anything He Says Or Believes In.
Exhibit C) See A and B


Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence

Why We Almost Chose It:
Not only is Jon Dick a total dick, his jacket is a dick too. I don't think I've ever seen a local news reporter work so hard at being a dick to his interview subjects as this guy did. I guess he was trying to do the "funny correspondent thing" a la the Daily Show? But frankly, it just wasn't working. My hat's off to you for trying to shake up the local news reporter thing, Jon Dick, but you sir, are a dick.


Gun Picture Gets Kid In Trouble

Why We Almost Chose It:
On one side, yes, he is a kid and kids do have imaginations, and yes, lots of kids like to imagine guns out of clouds. On the other side, wait- what did that little psycho do?


Roommates With Benefits

Why We Almost Chose It:
Creepy dudes with changed voices and darkened faces openly admitting their "you can live with me rent free if I can have sex with you" Craigslist ad is wrong. And totally not caring as they do. Humans rule.


Missing Dog Returns Post Bizarre Surgery

WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports

Why We Almost Chose It:
Who the fark would do something like this? Like, seriously. Cause that person needs to have this surgery done to them. Wait- what exactly *was* the surgery?

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