Madonna Gets Banned From Movie Theater

During the premiere of the movie "12 Years A Slave," Madonna was seen with her head buried in her Blackberry (Hey Madonna, it's called an IPHONE) texting away.

Apparently Madonna was too busy on her phone to pay attention to Steve McQueen's movie about a free black man sold into slavery.Movie goers around her were frustrated and when they asked her to stopped she quickly responded with, "It's for business...enslaver!" It's unclear whether or not Madonna's comment was a joke made at the movie's expense. People were too afraid to ask. (Fun fact: she got her muscly arms from healthy diet and regular texting.)


The story quickly spread and even though the singer was watching the movie at the New York Film Festival all the way in New York City's Lincoln Center, The Alamo Drafthouse, a famous movie theater in Austin, Texas took to twitter to make sure their patrons knew that kind of behavior would NOT be tolerated.

When asked about his text, Tim League says he was sort of joking but if Madonna happens to swing by Austin for a movie, he would expect an apology before the ban would be lifted.

Alamo No Cell Phones

The Drafthouse is known for it's strict cell phone policy and they aren't afraid to let people know about it. When the owner banned a customer for using her cell phone in one of their theaters, she called him and left an angry voicemail which he then used as his ad to promote his movie theater's one simple rule. It's pretty entertaining.

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