Jimmy Fallon and The Roots Make Miley Cyrus Tolerable For Two Minutes

After Wrecking Ball, Sinead O'Connor's open letters, SNL, covering Miley on our show on Monday and having the song "We Can't Stop" stuck in our head for days, the last thing we wanted to do was see Miley sing it all over again.Except of course when Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are involved.Last night, Miley stopped by Jimmy Fallon's show both for an interview and a song. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots accompany Miley in this a cappella version of "We Can't Stop."

The best part of the video is at 1:25 when Miley begins the verse that starts with "To my homegirls with the big butts..." Jimmy's face is priceless and pretty much sums up everything we feel about Miley.

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