Claussen Pickles: Meet Jeannie Gaffigan

Jeannie Gaffigan, Jim Gaffigan's hilarious wife and mother of five in New York City, has a strong twitter following. Over the last few days, Jeannie has been on a quest to get answers: do Claussen Pickles go bad if you don't put them in the refrigerator after purchasing them.


It all started when she accidentally put the pickles in the cupboard instead of the fridge. We've all done it.

After a day of silence, Jeannie tweeted to them again.

Then she assures Claussen Pickles that while she still loves the pickles (but did threw the jar away), she needs answers.

She encourages her followers to discuss.

And continues to pressure Claussen Pickles to respond.

At this point, the silent treatment was getting a little ridiculous.

Then, like any good mother would, Jeannie started to worry.

Jeannie continued to tweet for truth and as a result lost many followers.

Then Jeannie called in the big guns, the mother of Claussen Pickles, the reason they were brought into this world, Kraft Foods.

Kraft Foods had nothing to say.

Even though she was losing followers, there were still thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the pickle outcome.

And was time to let it go. For now.

As of Saturday afternoon, we still had NO ANSWERS.

UPDATE:In our original article, we had our facts wrong and Jeannie hadn't opened the jar yet. We'd like to thank her for the correction.

Claussen's twitter account hasn't tweeeted for over a year and they only have about 1,200 followers. GET IT TOGETHER CLAUSSEN PICKLES.Thank you, Jeannie Gaffigan, for using your twitter account for good. To see more picklegate, follow Jeannie Gaffigan on twitter. Gaffigan for President!

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