Golden Globe Nominations: WHO GOT SNUBBED?

It's awards season everyone! The Golden Globe nominations were released today! Here are a few of the nominees.

Best Motion Picture (Drama):"12 Years a Slave" "Captain Phillips" "Gravity" "Philomena" "Rush"

Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical):"American Hustle" "Her" "Inside Llewyn Davis" "Nebraska" "The Wolf of Wall Street"

If you're wondering why you haven't seen most of these movies, half of the Comedy of Musical nominees either came out or are coming out this month so don't beat yourself up about it.

Best TV Series (Drama):"Breaking Bad" "Downton Abbey" "The Good Wife" "House of Cards" "Masters of Sex"

Best TV Series (Comedy):"The Big Bang Theory" "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" "Girls" "Modern Family" "Parks and Recreation"

Breaking Bad has a good shot at the win for best drama since this year was it's final season. And as far as comedy goes, we're excited to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the list.

But what people are really talking about on twitter are all the TV shows, movies, and actors who they believe were snubbed. Check out some of the tweets:

So, let's see, The Butler, Game of Thrones, Oprah, Will Forte, Claire Danes, Homeland, The Mindy Project...WHO ELSE??? We didn't see Anchorman 2 on the list so we're not sure what happened there.

To see a full list of the nominations, click here.

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