Seriously Cyrus Is Serious

Miley Cyrus...'s family want YOU to subscribe to their new YouTube channel, Seriously Cyrus. Seriously.

Seriously Cyrus features the entire Cyrus family except for Miley and Braison. So who's left? There are a whole bunch of Cyrus kids we didn't even know existed. There's Noah, Brandi and Trace. And of course their parents Tish and Billy Ray. We thought that Tish and Billy Ray were divorced but turns out, they've filed for divorce twice in the last three years but managed to work out their problems and stay together.


Every week, Seriously Cyrus will be uploading a variety of programing like Truly Tish with Tish Cyrus, Sunday Sessions with Billy Ray Cyrus, Take Two with Noah Cyrus (which is a show where she and her elementary school friends reenact famous movie scenes), Seriously Social (which is a recap of all the Cyrus social media happenings) and Fashion and Style with Brandi Cyrus.

We're looking forward to watching the Seriously Cyrus channel only because this feels like one of those projects that a family gets really excited about and then three episodes in, they realize Trace isn't pulling his weight, Tish is tired of making sure her kids show up on time for shoots and Miley Cyrus says something in an interview like, "What's Seriously Cyrus? I don't know what you're talking about."When the Kardashian's heard about Seriously Cyrus, they looked down from their E! Network tower laughing, "Good luck keeping up us! Muwahahahaha!"

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