NBC Announces Their Next Live Musical, Twitter Is Both Excited and Horrified

If you thought NBC's live rendition of The Sound of Music was bad, get ready for NBC's next train wreck. Capitalizing on the success of The Sound of Music, the network announced this week that they will be producing a live version of Peter Pan.

The producer who made the announcement joked that he wants Miley Cyrus to play Peter Pan. Was he joking? Because that would be great for all the comedians hoping to live tweet the crap out of it.

Since the announcement, twitter has been buzzing over the idea of Miley Cyrus flying around a stage on live TV.

There are those on twitter who are vehemently against it:

Those who are definitely open to the idea:

And then there's this person with an idea so crazy it might actually be genius:

Whether you love to hate it or genuinely love it, everyone will be watching Peter Pan on December 4th. Well done, NBC.

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