Did Blake Griffin Really Slap Justin Bieber In A Starbucks???


Earlier this week, a rumor that Blake Griffin smacked Justin Bieber in a Starbucks surfaced flooding internet blogs and social media. So here's the story. Justin Bieber walked shirtless into a Starbucks in Hollywood and tried to order a caramel apple macchiato (because that's a thing--wait, is it?). When Justin was informed that he needed to put a shirt on or leave, he went off the deep end and started screaming at the barista. That's when NBA Clippers player Blake Griffin, who was sitting in the corner of the cafe observing, supposedly stepped in and smacked Justin Bieber to the ground! There is just something to satisfying about that last sentence, don't you think? Unfortunately, as entertaining as that story is, it is just a rumor.

We too were ready to root for the Clippers. Some twitter users out there refuse to believe it was only a rumor.

Sorry, @le_ariana, you better believe (or belieb, pun intended) it. Apparently Justin hasn't been in Los Angeles for a few weeks. It's a shame it's just a rumor because it seems to have made so many people so very happy.

Just to reiterate: Blake Griffin didn't slap Justin Bieber.


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