Candy (Life) Crush(er)

The insanely addictive game, Candy Crush (don't pretend like you aren't reading this in-between waiting for lives) filed for an IPO this week. According to The Guardian, King Digital Entertainment said that "it plans to raise $500m from an initial public offering on the NYSE."

We're no strangers to Candy Crush. And with billions of dollars in sales each year, apparently no one is.

With that in mind, we took to twitter to see who was tweeting about Candy Crush and, guess what, just about everybody has, is or soon will be.

Guys, Candy Crush is going to take over the world.

Here are 12 tweets for the Candy Crush addict in your life (you).

Jimmy Fallon jumped on the Candy Crush Saga bandwagon last November in a skit where Mandy Patinkin explained to him how to play the game.

And for those of you who downloaded the popular game Flappy Bird before the creator took it out of the app store (RIP), here's a great video on how to beat the game. It really spoke to us.

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