Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #AlcoHolidays

Before we get to our Top 10, this week on the latest episode of Headline Punchline we cover everything from Lindsay Lohan's "list" to a 22 pound killer cat. Watch these five comics bring you their best punchlines about today's headlines.

Last night, Midnight started a hashtag war using the hashtag #AlcoHolidays and it didn't seem like anyone had any trouble coming up with tweets. Maybe this hashtag hit a little close to home? Do we need to talk? We read through so many tweets it nearly drove us to drinking but we kept it together and now bring you the Top 10 #AlcoHolidays.


Right now on twitter, we started our own hashtag party with the hashtag #DepressedFilms. Be sure to include our twitter handle @DailyReHash so we can favorite and retweet your tweets! Don't miss out. Play now!

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