How To Win The Hashtag #HillaryClintonBookTitles

Right now on twitter the hashtag #HillaryClintonBookTitles is trending and while some people are treating it like a joke others are taking the time to use the hashtag as an excuse to declare their love and more often hate for the former First Lady, Senator and most recently Secretary of State. To those people we say, "Put those political feelings aside!"

We have the secret to winning this hashtag game.


Here's the trick.

Take a book title, replace a word, any word, in that title with "Pantsuit" and voila! It's a home run every time.

Others options could include, "Memoirs of a Pantsuit," or "Hillary Clinton and the Chamber of Pantsuits." We'd even accept, "Where The Pantsuit Ends" or "A Pantsuit Orange."

Clinton is the first to make fun of her beloved pantsuit.

And another pantsuit joke!

So will Clinton and her pantsuits be running for President in 2016? If the pantsuit fits!

Yeah, ok we're done.

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