Top 5 Clips from The Tonight Show Since Jimmy Fallon's Takeover

When Jimmy Fallon announced that he would be leaving Late Night to host The Tonight Show, he promised that the new prestigious time slot wouldn't change him and he would continue to bring us some of the best comedy late night has seen in years (our words, not his). Since taking over The Tonight Show, Jimmy has delivered on that promise. The show is funnier than ever. So we spent a time reliving the last almost two months since Jimmy's reign started in February and bring you our Top 10 favorite moments from The Tonight Show so far.


1. When dancing was banned at The Tonight Show's studio, Kevin Bacon stepped up like he did 30 years ago in the movie Footloose and brought dance back, baby! That's right, Kevin Bacon reenacted his famous dance scene from the movie. He's still got the moves.

2. Some of the most epic moments from Late Night were the lip sync battles, particularly one involving Joseph Gordon Levitt and Stephen Merchant. Add this lip sync battle with Paul Rudd to the list.

3. One of the best parts about Late Night and The Tonight Show is how interactive they are with their audience thanks to social media. In this next clip, Jimmy asked fans of the show to send in clips of their kids making their best funny faces. Jimmy then shared some of the best faces and he and Jude Law had a funny face off to see who could recreate them more accurately.

4. Billy Joel was on The Tonight Show recently and Jimmy seemed genuinely star struck when he and Billy Joel formed a two man Doo-Wop group singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" using an iPad app to loop a four part harmony. It was impressive.

5. We always love a Ragtime Gals reunion. Here Jimmy and his group (including the head writer of the show) sing R. Kelly's show "Ignition."

Lastly, we wanted to give an honorary mention to this segment. Whoever found all of these clips and edited them together deserves a bonus. Here's Brian Williams "rapping" "Rapper's Delight."

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