Mrs. Doubtfire 2 Isn't Just A Dream Anymore

Mrs. Doubtfire


For those of us who grew up with Mrs. Doubtfire and a world without twitter, it was bizarre to see our old world and new world collide when Mrs. Doubtfire became a trending topic on twitter over the last 24 hours.


Brace your 12 year old self for some potentially great news. Mrs. Doubtfire 2 might be coming to a theater near you…sooner than you ever imagined. Both Robin Williams (who starred in the film) and Chris Columbus (who directed it) have signed on to the project, although some news sources are reporting that it may be too soon to tell if the film will actually be made. We have mixed feelings about this.


On the one hand, we love the idea of Robin Williams starring in a new comedy. On the other hand, 1993 called and they’re like, “Hey 2014, remember that movie, Mrs. Doubtfire, that you all loved so much, well you're about to ruin it.” 1993 was a simpler time when a man who cross dressed to hang out with his children seemed a lot less...illegal.


So let’s see how fans are reacting on twitter.


There are those rejoicing.


Others are still working out their feelings.


Of course, there are doubters.


There’s always that one guy who’s like, “I totally predicted this.”


And then there are the reactions that, thanks to twitter, we get to enjoy.


 What do you think? Are you ready for Mrs. Doubtfire 2? 

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