Hashtag Wars: Top 10 #RuinARomCom


There were SO many, SO many good tweets from last night's hashtag war. Everybody got in on the #RuinARomCom action. We can't decide if it's because romantic comedies are so easy to make fun of or because we've all seen more of them than we'd like to admit and this was our chance to take back the 90 minutes of our lives we lost every time we watched one. Whatever the reason, the tweets went on and on the hashtag is STILL trending on twitter.

Even we got in on the action.

Reading through the tweets, we favorited more than we ever have before making this Top 10 one of the more difficult lists we've had to put together. And while some of you think you ruined the RomCom with your tweets, we'd argue that some of you may have actually improved the movie significantly. Check out our Top 10 #RuinARomCom tweets:

Well done, RomCom haters!

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