Man Who Had Over $100,000 Worth Of Plastic Surgery Makes A Music Video: It's Just Awful

What we're about to show you can't be unseen. 


Remember the story in the news a few months ago about a young man who spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery so he could look more like Justin Bieber? No? Clearly we don't read the same "news" sources. Well, this guy, "Justin" made some friends, who like him, have had extreme amounts of plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity. Together, they made a music video for their song "The Plastics."  

The Plastics


In case it isn't clear, the girl is supposed to be Jennifer Lawrence and Venus D'Lite is supposed to look like Madonna.


It's beyond awful and not just because the idea of completely changing your face to look like a celebrity is totally depressing. It's awful because the song is garbage. It makes Rebecca Black seem like Celion Dion. There are places in the song where they aren't even singing to the beat of the music. This can't be good even for the plastic surgery community. 



We don't blame you if you can't watch it. 

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