Kendall Jenner at the Billboard Music Awards: "I'm The Worst Reader"

Last night the Billboard Music Awards went down at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Everybody was there, even Michael Jackson...'s halogram. But that's not what everyone is talking about this morning. Kendall Jenner was asked to introduce the band 5 Seconds of Summer but she instead flubbed the script and nearly introduced them as One Direction. 




Let's get real, if she had introduced them as One Direction most of us wouldn't have known the difference. But unfortunatly she made her mistake extra awkward. We're not sure exactly where the sentence went haywire. At first we thought her inflection was the problem. Then we realized she had the band name wrong. Then she just completely stopped, left frame for a minute and then admitted that, "she's the worst reader." Where was Kanye when we needed him? Apparently he's off in France busy marrying her older sister Kim but we never wished for him to interrupt an awards so badly in our lives. 


Kendall tweeted about the incident later probably after consulting with her mother who most likely advised her to make up some lame excuse for her mistake. 



Unfortunately Kendall, you already admitted that you were the worst reader. You didn't say, "Guys, I forgot my contacts! My eyes are the worst lookers." But don't worry, Kendall. With your sister reportedly getting married in France this week and Kanye telling an Italian newspaper that he believed North was conceived "among the Renaissance masterpieces" last week, your little mistake is practically forgotten. Until we meet again on TMZ, maybe read some books?



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