The Bachelorette Is Back!


Andi Dorfman, the accomplished Assistant District Attorney and woman known for dumping Juan Pablo's behind last season on The Bachelor, is back for her very own Bachelorette "journey." The first episode premiered last night and we were introduced to 25 men with all kinds of fake professions from "Explorer" to "Pantsapreneur."


Before we go any further, sadly, one of the contestants this season passed away in an accident after shooting the show. The producers put together a nice tribute for him and aired it before the episode officially started. 



Every season, as each contestant steps out of that limo, it's obvious the contestants all think they have some sure fire introduction planned that's so memorable the Bachelorette is sure to give them a rose. And every season those introductions fail...miserably. Last night, one contestant brought Andi a lamp from the hotel he was staying at because his mom told him that he shouldn't show up "empty handed." Pretty sure she meant flowers or candy or anything else that's NOT a lamp. 



One of the contestants, a doctor, diagnosed her as "hot." Another played soccer like Juan Pablo did on his season of The Bachelorette because what's better than to remind Andi of the guy she absolutely can't stand. 



While Andi was in the house getting to know the guys a little better after their painful introductions, one former Bachelorette contestant showed up and tried to sneak past security. 





Chris Bukowski from Season 8 of The Bachelorette who also appeared on The Bachelor Bad showed up unannounced and tried to convince Chris Harrison to let him in. Chris Harrison spoke to Andi about it and she said refused to see him saying it was unfair to the other guys. 


Chris tweeted about it. Apparently he only has ONE regret.



At the end of the night and after what seemed like 25 mini dates from golfing, to taste testing cookies to pretending to be impressed with the first pair of pants the "Pantsaprenuer" ever made, Andi sent home six contestants. Of those six, three of them have long hair. 



 Thanks to creative editing, the best part of every Bachelorette episodes are the upcoming previews. They're always extremely dramatic and as a result make the future episodes a little disappointing. As always this season promises tears from both Andi and the men, a little fighting here and there and Andi giving the group an ultimatum like, "If you aren't here to find love, there's the door." 



 Ugh, why do we do this to ourselves?





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