Summer of Sequels!

It's a summer of sequels! Because what's Hollywood better at than making a mediocre movie based on a movie you actually really liked? 



Last week, the highly anticiapted 21 Jump Street sequel, 22 Jump Street came out.  


Channing Tatum appeared on The Tonight Show to promote the movie and arm wrestled Jimmy Fallon. 



So what are people saying about the movie? 



High expectations for a sequel? There's your mistake.


This week, Think Like A Man Too comes out! Kevin Hart fans are thrilled. 


After Think Like A Man Too comes Transformers Age Of Instinction (Transformers 4).



And after the 4th of July, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes hits theaters.  


Which movie are you most excited to see? Last month we brought you our 2014 Summer Movie Guide. Check it out!



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