Behind the Vine with Anwar Jibawi!

There's something about Anwar Jibawi that feels really genuine. Maybe it's his Vines about the little things in life that hurt the most (like jamming your finger playing basketball) or celebrating the little things in life that feel the best (like beating someone else to a coveted parking spot).

Like many of the famous Viners we've interviewed in the past, Anwar isn't afraid to tackle any topic for a Vine. Whether it's poop or dating to more serious stereotypes about gender or race, Anwar always brings an honest and hilarious point of view. 

Anwar is good friends with other successful Viners like Jerry Purpdrank and Daniel Nguyen who you'll often see in his Vines.

We recently sat down with Daniel Nguyen and learned more about the man behind DANampaikid. 

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