Introducing Doritos Roulette!

Is your chip eating experience getting a little old? Are you bored with your chip and dip routine? Ready to SPICE things up? Introducing....DORITOS ROULETTE! 



 According to the commercial, there's a hot chip in every handful taking your snacking to a whole new thrilling experience. Do you dare try Doritos Roulette? 



Whether or not you dare, the chips aren't available yet in the US. If you live in Canada, you're in luck. Below are a couple of girls playing Doritos Roulette for the first time. The video gets extra interesting at 2:11 when she realizes she lost. 




No word yet from PepsiCo on whether or not they'll be coming to the US. If ever there was a time to start a petition, this is the moment. Call your congessmen, people. We need DORITOS ROULETTE! 


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