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Turner Simkins on his son’s inspiring story of survival

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Jessica & Kyle Davenport’s fight to find a cure for SIOD

Larry King NowMar 15 '17

Jessica and Kyle Davenport – whose children suffer from a rare disease that significantly diminishes their life expectancy – discuss their fight to find a cure for Schimke immuno-osseous dysplasia that will save their kids.

Shawn King: What do you think the chances are for a cure? Do they say-

Jessica Davenport: Cures happen every day, it’s the funding, we have to do it. I mean we’re funding this by ourselves, and if they can get the money that they need-

Shawn King: So it’s money and a timeline?

Jessica Davenport: Mhm.

Kyle Davenport: They say it’s gonna be a 5-year research, and they tell us they’re confident they can find-

Jessica Davenport: They’re excited about it.

Kyle Davenport: It’s a different type of feeling, when we went. They’re excited about new things and the opportunities they get to do, and we’re just scared.

Shawn King: Yeah.

Kyle Davenport: I’m scared to put my kids into research-

Shawn King: Sure.

Kyle Davenport: Or anything, but they’re excited about it and-

Shawn King: Because they know-

Jessica Davenport: It’s hopeful.

Kyle Davenport: It makes you feel better that there’s people out there that really want and have a passion for helping people.

Shawn King: And you guys are fighting a deadline.

Jessica Davenport: Yes.

Shawn King: Because they say that-

Jessica Davenport: They say life expectancy is 9 to 11 years, and we have a 2 and a 3 year old with—if research takes 5 years, you’re putting them at there, that timeline.

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