Harry Potter and Dexter Meet Larry King

Daniel Radcliffe and Michael C. Hall join "Larry King Now" today to chat about "Kill Your Darlings."

Two of the last 10 years' most recognizable pop culture characters, Dexter and Harry Potter, are on today's "Larry King Now." Well... at least the talented actors who played those title roles are!

The stars of "Kill Your Darlings,"Michael C. Hall and Daniel Radcliffe, join Larry King on today's new episode talking about their transition into characters in the beat poetry era.

"The more difficult, the more fun, in a way. The more challenging, the more seemingly impossible, the more fun it is to take the leap," said Hall. "Especially on something like this we had 24 days to do it."
Radcliffe, who plays the poet Allen Ginsberg, says he believes he takes just as much from his turn as the legendary Ginsberg as he did from playing Harry Potter for eight movies.
"I feel like I take something from every job that I use on the next," Radcliffe tells Larry on today's episode.

You can watch Michael and Daniel on "Larry King Now" today at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but first catch some more episode highlights any time on-demand:

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