Superstar Gloria Estefan Joins 'Larry King Now'

Latin music and crossover superstar Gloria Estefan joins an all-new "Larry King Now" today.

With an estimated 100 million records sold worldwide, there are few crossover acts that can boast as much success as Gloria Estefan.

The reigning queen of Latin pop music joins "Larry King Now" today to chat the next step in her career, her newest album, "The Standards," and the things that have defined her career. "The Standards" is Gloria's 27th album and features a selection of covers of traditional pop standards from the Great American Songbook.

"I picked songs that were really close to my heart," Estefan said of the songs she chose for her newest album.
The seven-time Grammy winner also talked motherhood, her family, the ever-changing landscape of Cuban politics and the future of Latin pop music in the United States and around the world. Make sure you tune in for this discussion on today's all-new episode.

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