Crowd Control. Vegas Style...

Take a peek at some never-scene-before photos from Larry's interview with the cast of "Last Vegas" as well as a first hand account of the shoot from Larry's Associate Producer, Kyle.

A few weeks ago, members of the Larry King Now team ventured to Las Vegas for a very special interview with 5 Academy Award winning actors. With less than a week to prepare, we remotely coordinated a shoot in the View Bar at the Aria Hotel and Casino with the cast of "Last Vegas". Although we were expecting some attention from hotel guests (the bar is located directly inside the main entrance of Aria), we weren’t necessarily prepared for the onslaught of fandom that created a casino floor gridlock during the interview. Luckily, the LKN team, led by EP Jason, Producer Serena, Director Scott, Production Coordinator Matt, DP Ian, trusty PA Graham, and, last but not least, the patience of Larry King himself, we captured a top-notch Q&A. We were also reminded, particularly by the constant camera flashes mixed with the “Larry, Larry, Larry” chants prior to the interview, just how special The King really is.

I was fortunate enough to be there as well, and captured the photos in this behind the scenes collection. Take a gander at King, Douglas, DeNiro, Freeman, Kline, and the stunning Mary Steenburgen before, during, and after a truly unique LKN interview. Make sure to check out the full show airing now on Ora.TV and Hulu. The episode is below. Enjoy!

- Kyle

P.S. if you need someone who can control hundreds of rowdy fans and produce a talk show all in one day, give a shout to Larry’s producer, Serena.  She is the one standing on the chair in the photos above.

Full interview here, folks...

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