Celine Dion Returns to the Spotlight

Celine Dion talks motherhood, her new album and her career on today's special episode of "Larry King Now."

A musical superstar unlike any other, Celine Dion joins "Larry King Now" today to chat her new album, new single, her return to the spotlight and motherhood.

Larry wraps a great week of interviews with Celine, who talked about being able to live out what she believes she was born to do.

"I want to please," said Dion. "I was born to do that, don't forget. I love the spotlight."
Dion's new album, "Loved Me Back to Life," will be available Nov. 5, but the single, also titled "Loved Me Back to Life" is out now, and of course, Celine is talking all the facets of her life today, only on an all-new "Larry King Now."
"As a mother, I'm a singer; as a singer I'm a mother," said the mother of three. "My children know exactly what I do."

The entire interview with the great Celine Dion will be available at 5 pm ET on Ora TV & Hulu, but you can watch some of the best moments right now!

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