How Do You Split A Duck-Calling Fortune? The Stars of Duck Dynasty Tell All

The "Duck Dynasty" stars talk about how they split their new-found fortune.

Seemingly over night, the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty have become household names and the stars of one of TV's hottest TV shows. So what do you do when you become suddenly famous for something as unusual as duck calls?

You have to work out how to split the money!

It turns out the stars of the hit A&E show have come to a strong agreement about the topic. Turns out it's the youngest brother, Willie, who handles the business dealings.

"He had the most business sense," Phil Robertson told Larry King on a special episode of "Larry King Now." "He took over the concessions business in the fifth grade. He would get the cut-rate candy at the Walmart and sell it at the school and he shut down the concession business. The principal called me and said, you need to shut down your son!"
Phil's brother, Jase, lauded his brother for stepping up to the plate.
"He took the risk, he took over the company," said Jase.
Si, on the other hand, took a quick shot at Willie when opportunity struck.
"We're like elephants, we work for peanuts!," said Si.
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