Why Larry King Refused to Stand at Last Night's Dodgers VS. Mets Game

Larry King calls Adam Schein to vent about his Dodgers, why he changed his hat & won't stand when losing...


During last night's Dodgers VS. Mets showdown many folks took to Twitter to call out a familiar face in the crowd - that's right our 'Larry King Now' host & major Dodgers fan Larry King. He did some quirky things that many questioned - like why was he changing his hat? And why didn't he stand during the closing play? Curiosity regarding Larry's actions during last night's game peaked to the point that 'Larry King' started trending nationwide on Twitter. But you're in luck - we've got answers:

  1. Why didn't Larry King stand up during the closing play?

Source: "Dodgers VS. Mets" October 15th 2015. TBS

This morning Larry King went on Mad Dog Sports Radio & set the record straight: "I stand up if we're winning - I don't stand up if we're losing" - hear it yourself below:

2. Why did Larry King change his hat? Because he loves the Dodgers & his online home Ora.TV - obv! ;)

  • Source: Instagram / @LarryKingNow

  • And for those baseball fans who might be feeling a little blue today after the Dodger's loss - we hope you'll enjoy this exclusive behind the scenes 'Larry King Now' special with baseball's most spectacular hidden treasure-- the Sports Museum of LA:

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