Once a Jackass, Always a Jackass: The Life of Steve-O

Larry and Steve-O take a look back at his physically traumatic career.

By China Magno, Larry King Now

Drinking a cup of sweat, getting charged by a ram, or eating a goldfish. I can’t think of that many people who would jump at these opportunities, but if I ever needed someone to snort the wasabi off my plate of sushi, I know I can confidently rely on Stephen Glover, or as many of you know him, Steve-O. The legendary Jackass alum recently stopped by our show for a very hilarious interview, as he and Larry took a good look back on his career, or should I say career choices. Always knowing the right questions to ask, Larry spoke on all of our behalves by asking Steve-O why he was willing to endure such physical trauma.

“I’m an attention whore," said the stuntman. Steve-O really couldn’t have been more frank.

Steve-O and Larry revisited the early years of his career, from getting signed on to Jackass to flipping the tassel at his graduation from Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. The pair also discussed his substance abuse and how he has cleaned up his act since then, going strong with eight years of sobriety.

As a dedicated vegan and animal rights activist, Steve-O also shared with Larry the time he was arrested for being "the world’s dumbest protestor." Angered by what he saw in the documentary Blackfish, Steve-O decided to take action by climbing up a 150-foot crane at a random construction site in Hollywood with an inflatable toy whale by his side. With SeaWorld’s recent announcement that they will be no longer breeding captive killer whales, I think it's safe to say Steve-O's protest and eight-hour jail time was not in vain.

Steve-O also talked about his ongoing projects during the interview. Once Jackass wrapped up and his television presence came to a halt, Steve-O pursued a route that involved a much safer means of getting laughs – stand-up comedy. The comedian shared with us his most recent project, Steve-O: Guilty as Charged. The Showtime special airs tonight at 10:00 P.M.

Even though Steve-O seems to have taken a much more cautious approach these days, rest assured, he’s still doing insane stunts.

Be sure to check out the entire interview below! 

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