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Clash Statement On Sesame Street Sex Scandal

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Explosive Detonates In Soccer Players' Faces

NewsBreakerOct 22 '12

Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds. Need your weekly reminder that European soccer fans can be just a little bit on the insane and/or violent side? Watch this wild video of an injury stoppage during Sunday's Cyprus league match between second-place Anorthosis and sixth-place Omonia Nicosia, in which an Omonia supporter -- maybe under the assumption the Anorthosis player receiving injury treatment was faking -- hurls some kind of explosive directly at the injured player and the Anorthosis trainers. Fortunately, the explosion apparently didn't cause any serious injuries. (Though the player and trainers' ears likely won't stop ringing for quite some time, we're guessing.) And with even more good fortune, whoever was responsible will spend some time with the Cyprus authorities.