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BOSTON BOMBING: Young Vicitm Identified

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DEVELOPING: Justin Bieber Tour Bus Reportedly Raided By Police For Drugs

NewsBreakerApr 25 '13

TMZ)Justin Bieber is so rock n' roll -- his tour bus was raided by Swedish police who allegedly found marijuana on board Wednesday night ... according to a Swedish newspaper.Police reportedly boarded the bus in Stockholm as the bus pulled up at the arena where Bieber was performing ... and found a "small amount" of what appeared to be pot.A police spokesman told the Aftonbladet newspaper ... they first detected a "strong smell" of marijuana coming from the bus as they were controlling the huge crowd that had gathered outside Bieber's hotel.The Swedish report says police also found a stun gun ... which requires a permit.No arrests were made ... and it's unclear if Justin was on the bus, or if he'd already entered the arena, when the raid went down. Host @DavidBegnaud delivers breaking news and today's trending buzz in 45 seconds.