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President Obama Checks Out Robotic Wonder “Vator”

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GRAPHIC: NEW: Producer Who Almost Lost Foot to Snake Bite Tweets New, Gross Photo of Foot

NewsBreakerMay 02 '13

The identity of the man whose foot bones were exposed after the terrible bite has finally been revealed.Steve Rankin, a producer on the upcoming Discovery show "Naked and Afraid," website TMZ what happened that fateful day:"I was scouting locations in Costa Rica ... As I was traversing through some deep jungle I was bitten on the foot by a Fer-de-Lance. It's one of the deadliest snakes in the world and the fangs went right through my boot."He was rushed to the hospital where he received antivenom... but the poison had made his foot start to rot.Doctors had to cut most of it away.Rankin was then rushed to L.A. for skin grafts, but tells the site he's recovering just fine.