911 CALL: Nevada School Shooting Tapes Reveal Suspect As Male Student Wearing Uniform

Two confirmed dead including the gunmen at a middle school shooting in Sparks, Nevada.

Some news agencies reporting that the teacher at the scene rushed the gunman and is the second fatality.

Two boys reportedly in critical condition with several shot as the gunman opened fire.

A witness to the shooting said the gunman was about “13, 14,” wearing a school uniform.

The first call on the shooting reportedly came in at 7:15 local time. Radio traffic signaled that a teacher was reportedly down. They also described an “active shooter” as “a Hispanic male student wearing a school uniform,” on the emergency radio traffic broadcast.

LISTEN TO THE 911 call here:

Sparks Police Department Commander Rocky Triplett of said it was “unclear” how many people were shot in total.

This school was also the scene of a fatal shooting back in 2009.

The shooting scene is now secure as police interview both faculty and students about the incident.

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