CAUGHT ON TAPE: Man Causes an Avalanche in Colorado While Skiing

Lance Light is one lucky guy!

While doing some backcountry skiing in Colorado, he inadvertently started an avalanche.  The area in Colorado is known to have a heightened risk of them.

Amazingly enough, the whole thing is caught on helmet cam.

The footage shows snow start to engulf Light as it comes crashing down the mountain.  Fortunately, he was wearing an airbag -- an inflatable vest worn used to bring  skiers and snowboarders to the snow's surface in the event of an avalanche.

Light told local station KCNC-TV, "Maybe I was in a little bit more of a risky zone, obviously, but it just shows that a lot of things can slide with not a lot impact on them and they can go big right now."

Check out the awesome footage below:


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