Tonight on PoliticKING: James Poulos and Ruben Martinez

Is Russia's intervention in the Syria conflict a sign of America's weakness? And, will the perception of US disengagement in world affairs embolden others to launch surprises of their own with no concern about America's response? Larry takes a look.

James Poulos is a columnist at The Daily Beast and a senior contributor to The Federalist. His writing has appeared atNational Affairs, Foreign Policy, and Vice, among other publications. He has been a fellow of the Claremont Institute, the Tocqueville Forum, and the Bradley Foundation.

Rubén Martínez  is a journalist, author, and musician. He is the son of Rubén Martínez, a Mexican American who worked as a lithographer, and Vilma Angulo, a Salvadoran psychologist.  Among the themes covered in his works are immigrant life and globalization, the cultural and political history of Los Angeles (Martínez's hometown), the civil wars of the 1980s in Central America (his mother is a native of El Salvador), and Mexican politics and culture (he is a second-generation Mexican-American on the father's side of his family). In August 2012 his book Desert America: Boom and Bust in the New Old West was published by Metropolitan Books.

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