ICYMI: Hugh Hewitt says Hillary Clinton "Can't Order at Taco Bell"

If you missed last night's PoliticKING . . .

Last night on PoliticKING, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt talked up the potential for the GOP 2016 candidates to appeal to Latino-Americans, saying multiple candidates could tap the voting bloc by participating in an all-Spanish debate.

Hewitt, who is currently out promoting his book “The Queen,” told Larry King that Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz could do their own debate in Spanish, but Hillary Clinton, the queen of the Democratic Party, “can’t order at Taco Bell.”  Oh Snap! 

The conservative radio host made the comment when discussing the perfect ticket for the GOP in 2016:

“The perfect ticket will be able to appeal to not just white males over the age of 40. They’ll be able to talk to Latino-Americans. They’ll be able to talk to African-Americans. They’ll be able to talk to young single women. We haven’t done a very good job at that,” Hewitt said.

WATCH the clip here:

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