Got Questions About Classical Music? Join Me On Reddit This Friday!

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by Prof. Robert Greenberg

I’m so looking forward to myReddit AMA on December 19! 

I will do my level best to answer - politely and accurately - all questions, up to and including whether (or not) one should kiss on a first date (although I still have yet to determine why you drive on a parkway and park in a driveway or whether Certs is, indeed, a breath-mint or a candy-mint). 

As for places to start: I would remind us all that the period between December 16 and 22 might well be called a “Beethoven-rich temporal environment.”December 16 marked his 244th birthday and December 22 the 206th anniversary of the single most famous concert of all time, which saw the premieres of Beethoven’s Fifth and Sixth Symphonies, his Fourth Piano Concerto, his Choral Fantasy Op. 80 as well as performances of a host of other works.Forget the Stones at Altamont; Beethoven’s concert was an EVENT.

Join us on Reddit Music for musings and more this Friday at 12pm PT.  

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