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Shocking New Flatworm Sex Discovery Is Super Intense And Graphic

So That HappenedJul 06 '15

The sexuality of flatworms has always been pretty strange. Flatworms have both male and female sex organs, which includes two big white penises. So, when it's time to mate, flatworms literally fight each other with their double-barreled penises to see who can stab each other in an act known as "penis fencing." The winner of said penis fence then pumps their sperm into the loser and leaves forever, while the loser becomes pregnant and raises their young. Pretty messed up, huh? Well according to new research that was just published, it has now been determined that if a flatworm is neither the penis stabber, nor the penis stabee, the flatworm then stabs itself in its own head with its own double penis and f*** itself in the face until it impregnates itself. Yup. You read that right, flatworm masturbation is the most hardcore form of masturbation that has ever existed.