Dominion is Coming, and it's Gonna be Crazy

We don't know whether to be really excited or really scared.

Posted by Leah Singerman


Have you guys heard about Dominion yet? It's a new series coming to SyFy this summer, and it looks pretty interesting. From what we can tell it kind of has a Game of Thrones-y vibe, and it's also super high concept. The question: what would happen if God gave up on humankind?


Well, it looks like he would send in some angels. So basically this is the story of what happens when, 25 years from now, angels come to earth to... save it? Wipe out humans and start over?


Take a look at the trailer below.



In my humble opinion, this is a really cool idea for a show. This trailer doesn't do a great job of giving us a heads up about the story, but I've done some reading and it looks like there are two angel brothers sent down to Vega (formerly known as Las Vegas), and one keeps with the mission while the other decides that, hey, humans actually aren't so bad. And he decides to help us. Thanks, bro.


My only problem with this show: it's 25 years in the future! That is WAY too close to home for me. This show is basically telling us by the time we figure life out, maybe have kids or something, all hell is going to break loose on our planet. So thanks for that. I know Back to the Future kind of did the same thing (2015, for the most part, is not going to look like it did in BTTF2) but this feels way scarier. 


What do you guys think of Dominion? Are you going to watch? Do you want us to review it? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast


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