Harry, Ron, and Hermione's First Meeting is so Different Now

We feel like proud parents...

Posted by Leah Singerman


Summer is just the season of Harry Potter. JKR and Harry both have their birthdays in the summer, that's when books (and many of the movies) would always come out, and of course every book starts with Harry just hating on summer real hard. So this summer we'll be doing some tributes to Harry Potter, and the first one is today. Let's start way back in the beginning, at the very first meeting of the famous trio. Oh, the memories...



Well, if you're anything like me you just spent three minutes being like, "OMG THEY'RE SO SMALL. AND THEIR VOICES ARE SO HIGH. AND THEY ARE JUST SO. SMALL." Harry's whole "We'll take the lot!" thing used to sound so authoritative. Now it just sounds like he's on helium. 


A lot of great firsts here- of course, Harry and Ron's first meeting, but also Ron and Hermione's first interaction. You have to wonder if JKR already knew they'd end up together. Plus you get your first chocolate frog, first introduction to Dumbledore (well, in the book, where they actually give him some attention), and the first time Hermione saves Harry and Ron's asses- she repairs Harry's glasses, helps Ron clean up, and makes them both get dressed. She's basically their mom already. It's great.


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