What It Takes to Time Travel

Stephen Hawking knows.

Posted by Leah Singerman


I don't think anyone will disagree with the statement that Stephen Hawking is out of this world. That's true for many reasons, but today it's because of this video about time travel being completely legit in space. He shows us exactly what kind of ship we'd need, how fast it would need to go, and for how long. Apparently with a ship like this we could travel at 99% of the speed of light.


Bear with this video for the first two minutes, cause they're a little slow. It really picks up after that. 



So, it looks like maybe it's not so much traveling through time as it is traveling at a different speed than everybody on Earth, right? The cool thing about this ship is that it allows us to go way further, distance-wise, than we ever could before- because we'd be going fast enough that we could cover enough distance before we die. But it's definitely not your typical Back to the Future-type time travel, where you get to pick a place and a time on Earth. Either way, though, mind-blowing stuff.


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