The Future is Now: Meet JIBO

Science fiction has come true.

Posted by Leah Singerman

How many sci-fi TV shows, movies, or books have a handy dandy robot? You know, the kind that can have a conversation with you and do the things you ask it to, like Halle Berry's in Extant, or so many others. Or like what Siri is kind of trying to be. 

Well, that reality has finally come, and it's called JIBO. It's about the size of a mini fan and (according to its website) not only can it see, hear, and speak, but it can also help you do things like taking photos, managing communication, and other things your phone does, completely independently. It can also learn and update itself. And word is that it can emote, but we all know emoting robots can be as scary as they can be cool, so jury's still out on that one. 

But here's the crazy part: this isn't just news about something that will finally be developed fifteen years from now, if there's enough money. JIBO is actually ready. Well, almost entirely ready. You can pre-order him on the website, and it's not for an exorbitant amount of money either. Or if you're in a giving mood you can donate 1/5 of JIBO's cost, and for every five people who donate, one JIBO will be gifted to the Boston Children's Hospital.

So take a look for yourself. Here's the JIBO promo video. 

Forgive us for maybe getting a little too excited, but this feels too good to be true. For the cost of basically an iPad, you can get something way, way cooler. What do you guys think, is JIBO worth it? Is it going to take over the world and leave us eating our words? Tell us what you think in the comments below or tweet us @DweebCast.

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