LEGO Ideas: Like A Beauty Pageant for LEGOs

If beauty pageants were about X-Men and Harry Potter.

Posted by Leah Singerman

Legos are fun for a lot of things, but one of their most popular uses is probably recreating awesome locations, scenes, or important objects from our favorite books and movies. And LEGO does a pretty good job of coming up with cool ideas for kits, but they can't think of that's why they're letting us do it. On LEGO Ideas, skilled lego-ists can submit ideas for lego kits, and if the ideas get enough fan support, LEGO will take a look. These ideas can be anything. Take a look at just a few below:

The train from our beloved Back to the Future III:

The X-Mansion (does it come with the minifigure?):

So people submit their ideas, and the ideas have a certain amount of time to get 10,000 votes. If they make it that far, LEGO "reviews" them, and who knows what that means, but if they pass that they get made into a legit LEGO product! We think it's a pretty cool idea, not only because it's always great when a huge company like this listens to its fans, but also because even when things don't get made into products they still get shared with other people. 

So what kind of scene would you create? (We'd probably do the BTTF clock tower, including the crazy "Save the clock tower!" lady.) Tell us your ideas in the comments below, or tweet us @DweebCast. We'll see ya next time!

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