Under the Dome: Going Viral

We were slightly less than impressed. 

Posted by Leah Singerman

Before we start, here's a really brief recap of the latest Under The Dome episode, called "Going Viral:"

Rebecca has been getting together deadly flu viruses from farm animals, and she convinces Big Jim to unleash a virus on the town and let Darwinism "level the playing field." They both have a vial of the virus to distribute into the town's drinking water, and they both change their minds at the last minute, but not before Julia and Sam figure out what's going on. Rebecca and Jim end up in jail by the end of the episode. 

Meanwhile, Junior learns that his mom foresaw basically everything about the Dome and that's why she left. But he doesn't learn much more than that, because Lyle knocks him out, leaves him passed out in Sam's attic, and escapes to who knows where. 

Barbie and the kids learn through Melanie's flashbacks that Melanie, Sam, Lyle, and Pauline (Junior's mom) all discovered a meteorite with a glowing egg in 1988. When Melanie tried to protect it, somebody pushed her and she died. 

Barbie tries to make up with Julia, but she won't take it- and then Sam tries to kiss her. And he also casually checks out his shoulder, which has huge bloody scratches (Angie's?) on it. The end.

Like we've been saying, this show has such a cool premise and we really like the story and the mystery. But we're getting less and less patient about weird story issues, subpar acting, and even worse dialog. So here are some issues we had with Under The Dome last night (including a few choice dialog moments):

Rebecca: Good morning.

Jim: Not sure how good it is.

Rebecca: It is if you're using the census to address our population problem.

Really, writers, you couldn't find a better way in than that? That's not even super grammatically sound.

Problem One: Rebecca wants to thin the herd. How? By creating a census to keep track of everyone and their contributions, and also by taking notice of crazy pig flus and keeping them in the school (let's let that one sink in for a bit) until they're ready to unleash on anyone, at which point Darwinism will kick in. So... does anybody else see the contradiction? Why get a census if you're just going to let the disease be nature's leveler anyway? Somebody didn't think that one through. And that's aside from all the other risks you take when you spread a deadly animal flu through an entire town.

Barbie: This place runs out of food... let's hope that we're not on the menu.

You know what's on the menu of this episode? CORN. As in CORNY.

Problem Two: Why is Barbie suddenly on Big Jim's side? And when they're having that conversation about it, why are they acting like they hate each other?

Norrie: Since she's obviously not Melanie Cross, we shouldn't call her that.

Joe: Then what should we call her?

Melanie: I should know what my name is. But I don't.

Thanks Melanie, that was helpful.

Problem Three: What happened to Norrie and Joe's relationship? Not only are we not seeing any chemistry or good vibes between them, but they're not even acting like they like each other anymore. In fact, Norrie seems to just always be angry at Joe. Also, notice how both big relationships from last season (Norrie/Joe and Barbie/Julia) now have a third member who's screwing things up. Very creative, guys. Not.

Joe: What's that?

Barbie: Feels like a rock.

Joe: Yeah, a rock from outer space!

Soooo hokey. What is this, a '90s cartoon?

Problem Four: Joe and Norrie specifically decide not to tell Barbie about the Melanie situation. Melanie doesn't really seem to have a problem with it. But as soon as they get to the school she just walks right up to her locker and opens it and says, without hesitation, "I think this was my locker in 1988." Not only was that the opposite of the plan, it's also extremely uncreative and disingenuous.

Okay, we're sorry for the hate fest. We want so badly to like this show, it's just kind of hard. What are your thoughts on Under the Dome? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @DweebCast. We'll see ya next time!

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