Hemlock Grove: Creepiest Moments

Get ready to have the heebie jeebies!

Posted by: Claire Elise Stephens

Hemlock Grove loves to be as bloody, gorey and creepy as possible -- in a good way. And it definitely doesn't need crazy monster showdowns or slasher movie violence to scare you (but don't worry, it has those too.) Get ready for shivers down your spine and check out the best moments the show gave us the absolute creeps.

[SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading now if you don't want season 2 to be ruined for you. Also, the show is rated TV-MA for sex & nudity, violence & gore, profanity, alcohol/drugs/smoking, frightening/intense scenes]

CTRL+ Z: Roman's De-upir Treatment

Finding the vampiric bloodthirst too much, Roman begs Dr. Pryce to make him human. Pryce has an experimental treatment, but of course Roman can't be sedated (because someone being put under and having a normal surgery does not make for good horror TV) and needs to have big sharp machinery stabbed into him over and over. Including his eye balls. Not bloody and fleshy like the werewolf transition, but sterile, medical, and so much creepier because of it.

Young v. Old: The Scary Nanny

Roman's elderly employee/nanny is clearly not a fan of newcomer Miranda swooping in with her much younger bod to feed and act like his baby's mother. She always looks like she wants to stab Miranda or destroy her with a creepy old lady vibe at least. Plus she's getting it on with the butler. So unprofessional.

Crybaby: If Looks Could Kill

So wealthy, young empire heir Roman has this baby hidden away in his house (for good reason, because everyone thinks she’s dead and it was the baby he had with his dead cousin). She’s got these crazy blue eyes that make about two expressions throughout the entire season: crying and blank stare. Except sometimes that blank stare is a bleed-out-your-eyes-and-die stare. Not that it’s actually that weird considering her parents are blood related and all the supernatural genes going on in that family.

Copy + Paste: That Floating Girl is Definitely Real

After Shelley, Roman’s deformed little sister, returns home to the Godfrey Empire, Dr. Pryce promises to copy her mind into the perfect girl's body he has floating around in the basement (among some other weird stuff he’s got down there). He assures Shelley that it's just a body with a blank mind that mimics her brain waves and has no thoughts or feelings of its own, but that is clearly not true. So there's a floating chick who can't scream, fight or speak against having her mind erased.

Baby Talk: The Sketchy Doctor

Newcomer Miranda started going to the doctor when living in the same house as a baby made her lactate -- no big deal. But then one day she was leaking blood instead of milk -- eww. Which is when we find out her doctor was somehow using her body to get to the super baby. And as any ridiculous villain, he reveals his master plan... but does it half in baby talk as he talks to the baby too.

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