New Trailer for Nolan's Sci-Fi Epic Interstellar

Let's head to space, Nolan-style.

Posted by: Claire Elise Stephens

So we have Earth. And let's say we can't live here forever because we're out of food, the world is turning into a giant dust bowl, and it's starting to look pretty apocalyptic. How to fix this? How about: 

+ Matthew McConaughey as an engineer to go into space and maybe save the world

+ Anne Hathaway to go with him

+ Michael Cane's wise words that say deep things about life and humanity

+ All the human emotion feels

+ Sweet deep space CGI that reminds us of Gravity

+ a Hans Zimmer score (BWAAAAAAAAAAA)

+ Christopher Nolan direction


Christopher Nolan made a surprise appearance at Comic Con to promote his new film Interstellar and released a new trailer(Matthew McConaughey tagged along too.)

With award winning actors like Matthew McConaughey, Michael Cane and Anne Hathaway we can expect great acting to go with Nolan's intense and sometimes dark drama. And pairing up the shiver-inducing awesomeness of Hans Zimmer scores with what will hopefully be breathtaking CGI cinematography into deep space, Interstellar is shaping up to be the kind of movie that absolutely must be seen in theaters.

What did you think about the new trailer? Will a movie like Interstellar impress so soon after "Gravity"? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Dweebcast!We'll see ya next time!

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