​SCIENCE: Hoverboards Might Actually Be Possible

Just not in the way you hoped...

Posted by Jesse B. Gill

It’s a well-known fact that everything science has accomplished in the last century is pretty much a waste of time because it’s failed to invent the most important and significant piece of technology to mankind — the hoverboard.

The combustion engine? Quaint, but if it’s not a hoverboard, I’m not interested

Eradicated polio? That’s nice…where’s my hoverboard?

Handheld computer/phones that communicate with orbiting satellites? Don’t care…you get the idea.

To answer the ever-important question of “why the crap hasn’t science invented hover boards yet,” we spoke with futurist, award-winning science fiction author and full-blown astrophysicist (read: really smart guy) Dr. David Brin. The video is part of a new series we’re doing in partnership with Science 2.0 and you can check it out below:

And if you’re looking to read a little more on the scientific plausibility of the stuff rattling around Robert Zemeckis’ brain, pop on over to Science 2.0 and read about how conductive plastic could be used to make a hoverboard. You could also check out how scientifically plausible of the entire Back to the Future trilogy is

In review, hoverboards are coming, probably sooner than later, but it’s likely they won’t resemble the one we see Marty McFly use in Back to the Future Part II. As long as scientists are focusing on making hover boards, I don’t care how we get them.

How about you? Would you still be psyched about a hoverboard, even if you could only use it on a specific track? Let us know. Tweet us @DweebCast or leave a comment below.

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